When Technology decides to go Drive a car

So what happens when technology decides to go around town and drive its own car? Tesla model x and Tesla Model S can do just that. Not to mention that it can smoke most supercars to date with its 3.2 sec from 0 to 60. That is just mind blowing.

Lets face it. With todays’ technology, it can’t be avoided in our daily routine that we receive a text message from our iphone and we need to reply to it while we are holding the wheel. Very dangerous, right. So its either you go to prison for violating the law, or you get an accident or, – the smart part – develop technology in your favor and create auto pilot. That is exactly what Tesla technology is about and how it is the worlds most effective autopilot car.  It is probably one of the best luxury that can be bought. Forget about leather sits or suede around you. Being able to go to places on autopilot is probably a way better luxury than that. Although admittedly, the outside styling department of Tesla needs to work better because it still lack errr… you know. But with technology execution, BAAMM! it is simply the best!