Cheapest iPhone in The Market

iphone se

If you are looking for a cheapest iPhone in the market today this is the iPhone SE. This is a great gift that you can give to your kids. It is cheap but its already iPhone and I’m sure they will be super exited to receive this on their special day.

This is perfect for calling or texting you. Even great for selfies and more for kids like their generation. They can do a lot of stuff with it. And of course they will really love you more for sure. I can assure you that.

It maybe a little bit small has a 4 inches retina display, but it also have A9 advance chip the same with the iPhone 6s so this is also a very powerful phone. The camera is already a 12 megapixel and a 4k videos which is up to four times the resolution of 1080p HD video.

The design of the iPhone SE is crafted from bead blasted aluminum for a satin like look. It is like this phone is really design for you young kids because it is light and small just fit for the kids hands.

The iPhone SE is more powerful than the iPhone 5s. It has the same power and speed of an iPhone 6s. It is like a smaller version of the iPhone 6s.

iPhone SE facetime HD camera with retina flash great for selfies.  The retina flash of the iPhone SE is three times brighter than any other mobile phone in the market. So all of your photos will look great and alive. The true colors will come out.

It also comes with a iCloud photo library. Where your photos and videos will automatically store in the iCloud. So you will never have any problem of deleted photos or videos. All your memories are safe in the iCloud.

The iPhone SE has an advance security the Touch ID. The perfect password is your fingerprint. So it is only the owner of the iPhone can open it and no one else.

iPhone SE have a faster GPS detector, LTE and Wi-Fi.  It also support voice over LTE and Wi-Fi calling for high-quality wideband calls. The bluetooth technology can stay connected to your external speakers, apple watch and other devices.

There are a lot of things you or your kids can still explore in this iPhone SE and I’m sure you will have fun discovering it all.