Our take on the new game “Lord of the Fallen”

We have probably share some tricks for other games like sims freeplay on our previous posts, but today, I wanna review another interesting game for the android and iphone. At the beginning of the current generation of consoles, Lords of the Fallen arose as a neat and entertaining video game action, role playing and exploration, the style of Dark Souls and Demon completo Souls, two titles which have influenced a whole generation of games that have come out to slipstream and under the same mould – some more luck and solvency than others. Although the work of Deck13 was not outstanding, if it gelled enough to guarantee a sequel and expanding a universe that told us a world of gods and demons with some Gothic and medieval influence.

Now, several years after and before the sequel that presumably reach sometime consoles and PC, Lords of the Fallen lands on iOS and Android collecting witness of the dark mythology of the original game but adapting it to the touch screens of both ecosystems.

Lords of Infinity Blade?

Lords of the Fallen on their mobile application format is presented as a game of action and role of fighting one against one. Thanks to touch gestures, we will attack and we will defend ourselves, while we are improving our character or pertrechamos with better weapons and objects. Along the way on our journey embodying Harkyn – Yetka, Kalso-will find some of the most emblematic enemies of the first title, and on more than one occasion, we will be tested in terms of difficulty – although with nuances, as I will discuss later.

Basically, and here we will be very clear, speak of an Infinity Blade come less, although with some changes in terms of crafting – because we can customize our team – and with a certain more strategic point to include magic and specific roles in their characters. I.e., in the app us face to a series of successive bouts of one against one, with monsters and creatures each time more strong, forcing us to think us two times the go only attacking without more idea.

In Lords of the Fallen will have at our disposal four basic movements. Dodge – left and right-, shield – blocking – and attack. Obviously, we can combine them to pleasure – taking into account that our amount of blocks with the coat of arms is very limited–, trying to find a role that is balanced between an attitude of offensive and defensive, because at any time we can die being completely empalados by the huge monsters that we’ll have in front.

In this respect, a game seems to us somewhat more strategic and tactical to Infinity Blade for the simple reason that gives us more options in terms of weapons, spells, amulets and even features of crafting. It sounds trivial and even a cliché, grants us some sleeve wide when choosing how to address us Knights and demons to closed us the step, inviting us even through the Armory and to choose a specific role – more focused magic or even more for combat melee.

Obviously, and depending on the role that performance in the video game, will find more or less difficulties – such as a more simple life and a greater weakness-something that can become a real handicap in the most advanced duels. But I do not engañaremos: all matches will have a very similar development, and the entire question of buy potions, best objects or weapons, will be diluted. Lords of the Fallen removes very little exploration of video games from Epic Games ingredient and therefore makes it all a little more repetitive than it should be.

Without finding its own personality

CI Games can’t find a decent balance for the app, and while you repeat the dose of strategy is fine, and that felt us successful, the game is soon reduced to a trial- and -error, or worse, to a constant attack by beating senseless on the touch screen without taking into account that we are doing. What good is having such a variety of weapons, armor or roles to play if there are battles that can be reduced to support the rival attacks and launch a series of strikes and combos without realizing they too? Yes, there are incentives – challenges and requirements before the match we will reward with coins in greater or lesser amounts- but we do not believe that they are sufficient.

Technically it presents as a very lustrous title. For analysis have tested on multiple devices iPad – iPad Mini 4, iPad Air – and on an iPhone 6S, and truth, felt us very spectacular at the technical level. We will find modeling very complex, full of details, very elaborate animations and some truly groundbreaking scenarios, such as temples and large Gothic-inspired churches, but the truth is that doesn’t teach us anything new that we had not seen before in long referred to in this analysis, Infinity Blade. The app is translated into Spanish and has a good sound – I strongly recommend that you play with headphones.

Finally, the game Lords of the Fallen doesn’t get too catch the player beyond the first half hour of the game, something that seems a mistake, to which we must add the aggravation of its price – a little high, €9,99-. Somehow passed as his counterpart on consoles and PC, but led the field of applications and mobile phones. It does not show anything new, and when it gets to explore exciting land, doesn’t quite Jell. If your desktop version was inspired by Dark Souls in many aspects, in its version for iOS and Android is saga Infinity Blade