Internet Marketing

Welcome to the revolution.
The growth of online is dramatically impacting how your customers are making their buying decisions. Consider that:

  • People now spend more time online each week than they do in front of the tv,
  • 67% of people now research a product online before making a purchase,
  • 92% have more confidence in the information they find online than anything from a salesclerk or other source and,
  • it’s not just for online businesses as 63% of all purchases that start online finish offline.

Best yet, when people find a business online, 82% go on to call or visit that business with 62% of those making a purchase. Given that stat, your ability to GET FOUND online can generate an impressive amount of new customers and a solid ROI.

But how do you know where to start or whether you’re doing the right thing?

Internet Marketing Diagnostic

11 Point Internet Marketing Audit

With more internet marketing choices than ever before piling on top of your traditional media programs, developing the optimal internet marketing strategy can seem daunting – or, at the very least, a dark art.

Internet Marketing Mix

We can help. Brand Mechanics’ simple, effective 11 point inspection lets you know what’s working. And what isn’t.

We pop the hood on your online marketing and look at:

  • Page Rank
  • SEO Basics
  • Links
  • Web Design Site Clarity
  • Content Depth
  • Conversion
  • Social Media Marketing…& 4 other key indicators of online performance.

The resulting report card, based on simple diagnostic tools & over 90 industry benchmarks, provides you with a roadmap for your online success concentrating on the quick wins first. While some online firms focus on only one area, as your independent internet marketing consultant we’re not on commission and carry no media bias  - if all you have is a hammer, everything starts like looking a nail - so you end up with a set of internet marketing tools that make the most sense for your business.


Words Customers Use and Search Engines Find

Using keyword research tools and social media listening techniques, our discovery process then delivers online marketing messages that get clicked on and shared.

Internet Marketing Process Example

How Will It Integrate Into My Marketing Mix?

Our wide, deep experience in branding strategy and successful track record (we’ve won over 40 marketing awards) ensures that your online messaging blends with your traditional media vs fighting against it. The result is an internet marketing strategy that moves the needle today while building brand equity for tomorrow.

ROI = Return On Involvement

We’re not a fan of faith-based initiatives and while we respect gut feel, we don’t like to make decisions on it. We like to start our relationship with you understanding your revenue goals and using our Analytic Converter™ to ensure your internet marketing goals are clear, measurable and time bound. The idea is to make you money not cost it.

Call us today and let’s pop the hood to see how we can get your business revved up online. The initial diagnostic is FREE and so is the coffee.

Internet Marketing Diagnostic

Branding Strategy Work

What They’re Saying

“Bob did a great job refreshing YPG’s brand and making it relevant in the online space. A very creative yet practical skill set.”Scott Wambolt, Senior Vice President, Yellow Pages Group”Bob’s enthusiasm and commitment to our business were the best we’ve seen. His efforts helped us get where we are.”Mac Voisin, founder, M&M Meat Shops