FIFA 17 The Journey Mode: Our Quick Review

One of the great novelties that we found in FIFA 17 has been the introduction of the story mode, or as they have called it in Electronic Arts, The Way. In it we must guide the career of a young footballer, Alex Hunter, to the stardom of world football. He will start his journey in the Premier League where we will choose a team to start his journey and start from the most basic of the football ladder in order to become the best football player in the world. So we will guide your steps so that this footballer is the next world star that collects balls and boots of gold and other trophies and picks up newspaper covers. And we will do it in the field and out of it.

But do not believe that in El Camino you can win or lose. No, you’ll actually make Alex Hunter a full-fledged footballer whatever you do, so he’s not going to become another broken football toy. What happens is that depending on the decisions you take may be a superclass to either Del Piero, Ibrahimovic or Drogba or be a bottleneck like … I do not know, as the one you can think of. And come out as you leave, you can use later in the online game, to play your games. So, you’re interested in getting a ball wizard like the Champions, right? What better way to get the Best FIFA Player?

Cheats and tips for getting ahead on The Road to FIFA 17

In this game mode you already know that history will depend on the decisions you make … but both on the pitch and outside it. And in this football you already know that there are individual players and team players, so you have to decide what is best for your career: your team or your success? Your time here is going to combine between training, games and conversations with different people. It is a series of guidelines to follow, but remember that the main thing is to play a lot and practice. Let’s go step by step from the beginning.

Selection tests: are you eligible for elite football?

You’re going to have to test yourself with a handful of kids just come out of soccer academies and you’re going to have to stay ahead of the majority. Offering the best of your versions you can choose the equipment to play … but if you fail, they will tell you to go home, finishing the game or returning to it with a saved game.

Our advice is that you choose the level of difficulty well and execute the training exercises perfectly. The position in which you remain in this selection will be decisive for your subsequent football level.

Choose an attractive team, but choose wisely

Manchester United? Manchester City? Chelsea? Yes, everyone is attracted to those media clubs that have performed to an excellent level in recent years. However you should know that a club of these conditions will demand a performance in accordance with the level that has to demonstrate in each game so playing is going to be more complicated. It is better that you choose a pedigree team that lately is not in the lecture.

Rushing on the field

When we control Alex in the field we will see an indicator at the top. This indicates the performance of the player, such as successful passes, shots and so on. So with the rating system in mind we have two ways to control the player in the field:

Team or collective mode

It would be the typical FIFA match in which we control all players. That is, it is as if we played a game in which none of the players will have more prominence than another, unless we look intensely, of course.

Player or individual mode

Here we only control Alex so you will have to worry about positioning him well on the field: desmárcate well, avoid out of play, defend your area and, of course, resolve when you have the ball on your feet. Here, although your attention is focused in part on seeing what the team does, your real interest is in doing your job well. It is the closest thing to football.

Conversations: define your character

Your personality is defined through the conversations you have. Oh by the way, if you are interested in some fifa 17 coins cheat, then just follow that link! In We already know that football has always been full of larcenies and children so you can be one of these houses that so much love the fans of a team kaffe and solivianta the rivals, and that do not like your coach or your managers. Or on the contrary you can be an Iniesta, who does not raise his voice or when the kalises are finished. You have three types of answers to these situations that will eventually define your personality:

Quiet and reflective

It pleases the coaching staff and the managers: they see you as a sensible and little problematic guy, who thinks about the team’s good and his ambition is reserved for intimacy. Fans on the other hand see you as charismatic and cold.

Temperamental and proud

Here is always the most basic amateur who will laugh the thanks and the outings of tone. The coach and the directive is not going to molar so much …


It is a mixture of both attitudes but it makes you not to emphasize in any facet.
Now, these conversations serve nothing more than to give a touch of reality to the game: you get some sponsor, you get better or worse followers … but hey, it will not influence to get better skills as players.
Improve your player

Focus on receiving the skill points with which power attributes that define the physical and technical aspects of the player. These will get you training and playing so worry about doing well and improve dribbling, pass, speed … everything will affect your final assessment.

And that’s it. As you see there are not many transcendental decisions that you are going to have to take and the thing is based more on a matter of perseverance. Focus on improving your player throughout the 15-hour history of the game and you will get your letter for online mode Ultimate Team … which is the motivation that will move you, of course.