Cheapest iPhone in The Market

iphone se

If you are looking for a cheapest iPhone in the market today this is the iPhone SE. This is a great gift that you can give to your kids. It is cheap but its already iPhone and I’m sure they will be super exited to receive this on their special day.

This is perfect for calling or texting you. Even great for selfies and more for kids like their generation. They can do a lot of stuff with it. And of course they will really love you more for sure. I can assure you that.

It maybe a little bit small has a 4 inches retina display, but it also have A9 advance chip the same with the iPhone 6s so this is also a very powerful phone. The camera is already a 12 megapixel and a 4k videos which is up to four times the resolution of 1080p HD video.

The design of the iPhone SE is crafted from bead blasted aluminum for a satin like look. It is like this phone is really design for you young kids because it is light and small just fit for the kids hands.

The iPhone SE is more powerful than the iPhone 5s. It has the same power and speed of an iPhone 6s. It is like a smaller version of the iPhone 6s.

iPhone SE facetime HD camera with retina flash great for selfies.  The retina flash of the iPhone SE is three times brighter than any other mobile phone in the market. So all of your photos will look great and alive. The true colors will come out.

It also comes with a iCloud photo library. Where your photos and videos will automatically store in the iCloud. So you will never have any problem of deleted photos or videos. All your memories are safe in the iCloud.

The iPhone SE has an advance security the Touch ID. The perfect password is your fingerprint. So it is only the owner of the iPhone can open it and no one else.

iPhone SE have a faster GPS detector, LTE and Wi-Fi.  It also support voice over LTE and Wi-Fi calling for high-quality wideband calls. The bluetooth technology can stay connected to your external speakers, apple watch and other devices.

There are a lot of things you or your kids can still explore in this iPhone SE and I’m sure you will have fun discovering it all.

When Technology decides to go Drive a car

So what happens when technology decides to go around town and drive its own car? Tesla model x and Tesla Model S can do just that. Not to mention that it can smoke most supercars to date with its 3.2 sec from 0 to 60. That is just mind blowing.

Lets face it. With todays’ technology, it can’t be avoided in our daily routine that we receive a text message from our iphone and we need to reply to it while we are holding the wheel. Very dangerous, right. So its either you go to prison for violating the law, or you get an accident or, – the smart part – develop technology in your favor and create auto pilot. That is exactly what Tesla technology is about and how it is the worlds most effective autopilot car.  It is probably one of the best luxury that can be bought. Forget about leather sits or suede around you. Being able to go to places on autopilot is probably a way better luxury than that. Although admittedly, the outside styling department of Tesla needs to work better because it still lack errr… you know. But with technology execution, BAAMM! it is simply the best!

Which iPhone Game Do You Play?

CrashLands – Adventure in an RPG style gameplay over an Alien World. Playing this game is just so much fun. The graphics is old school but the game has so much adventure in it. And with all the out of this world adventure makes this game so much more interesting. Just watch the video above and you will understand what I am talking about.

When people started to get bored of Clash of Clans, the developers decided to give everyone a treat. Clash Royale, an evolution from the previous game of COC but this time it is a straight up match against another players specific character rather than the whole castle setup.  I also really find this game fun but it can quickly get boring especially when you have to wait for hours just to open a basic treasure chest unless you spend and purchase more gems to open it.  Still the battle between characters is pretty interesting since each as counter part meaning one can be weak against another yet strong against another. So it really is a matter of balancing which characters to choose from in every specific battle.

Love You To Bits – The very first romantic video game I ever played. I don’t know about you but I just don’t know why I keep smiling every time I start playing this game. Probably it’s the cuteness overload of the gameplay and how the characters fight for their love towards the ends of the universe. Lots of emo stuff here which the developers put together into the game. And that is why many love it because it promotes love unlike other games which all about violence.

This game is just so challenging! Circa Infinity get you eyes twirling around like hell as you try to focus yourself and solve the puzzle. But in the end it’s like you are being hypnotized to ultimately failing and trying again because is despite how simple it looks and easy to do, it actually is very hard to achieve. So try it guys and tell me what you think.

Space Grunt – Another 2D game take-turns type game where you blast your enemies in an alien dungeon. Generally a good game but I just hate the controls because instead of tapping your screen to move, there is a separate virtual controller which is kinda annoying sometimes and makes you made because it just don’t do what you want your character to perform. Still it is fun to play and that is why I recommend it here.

Lastly, the old school Sims Freeplay for the mobile platform.  I purposely included it here because most of the games I recommended are more inclined to “boys” genre. So to balance it out, here is a game that most girls love to play. The old SIMS where played in the PC and required so much machine specs just to get a good feel and graphics output. And that is why with the mobile version, EA certainly has done a great job with it. And did I mention it is a free-to-play game? yeah! Start making those babies! errr… I mean start playing those sims. And if you need any tricks to your money or simoleon generation, just head over to World of Cheats to get started with your Millionaire Sim. Overall, this game is fun, although it is not my type of game, but my gf certainly love it. So, what’s not to love, right? haha.

Till next time! What’s games do you play on you iphone? Let us know here at TheBrandMechanic and we can share it to the world!