Need To Build Your Brand?


Try this little test.

Cut out one of your competitor’s logos. Now place it over your logo on one of your pieces of collateral, your website or any marketing material that has your tagline on it.

Now step back.

Does the piece still make sense?

If it does, you need a better Branding Strategy. One that is more unique and brings out what you – and you alone – bring to the market.


I’ve helped many companies – big & small – dig down to uncover the truth of their brand – that thing that makes customers buy you and that you can hang your hat on for years to come. I work with wonderfully talented people to capture that thought for you in a simple, unique and inspiring set of words. Past examples include:

  • FutureShop: You’ll like what the future has in store.
  • Blockbuster: Guaranteed To Be There.
  • M&M Meat Shops: Hundreds of Meal Ideas. One Aisle.
  • The Toronto Ski Club at Blue Mountain: Loving winter since 1924.

You get a common sense approach to branding strategy such as the simple test above. Unlike some, I won’t try to convince you that branding is some sort of Dark Art where you just stand back and let us work our magic.


Tune-Up Your Marketing

Instead it just takes good hard work that gets inside your business (the inspiration for the M&M Meat Shops tagline came while bagging groceries in Napanee store). It’s a simple process that ‘pops the hood’ on your business and conducts a diagnostic using online and offline listening to uncover your strengths and the obstacles you have to overcome. It asks tough questions and it’s ‘sleeves rolled up’ work but it’s long-lasting and sustainable: something that builds equity and protects profit margin.

Nonline Branding

With no commission incentive at play you won’t be pitched on one particular medium to get that message across. We recommend the right tool to do the job whether it’s online branding you need, offline or ‘nonline’. You get integrated marketing communications solutions that increase your marketing performance and grow your equity. These include:


Award Winning Marketer

The teams I’ve lead have won over 40 marketing awards from the Canadian Marketing Association, Marketing Magazine, Strategy Magazine’s Who To Watch and even the first Media award to a Canadian group from the Cannes Lion Festival.

Branding Strategy Work

“Bob is one of the savviest marketers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He combines a rich mix of passion, expertise and marketing skills to identify and share the “right” brand story.” Ezana Raswork, VP, Marketing, Yellow Pages Group

“As a long-time member of the Toronto Ski Club, I appreciate and commend Bob Nunn for skillful management of an important but contentious project including both, the development, as well as the membership “sell through”, of a rebranding of our club’s visual identity.” Peter Glen, Partner, MTI