Old Zelda Game Takes New Heights with Nintend Switch

I’ve always been a fan of old games being redeveloped to coup with new technology. Just Sims Freeplay where we also share some cheats to the game on our previous post. This time it’s Zelda and I thing not one of you do not know the game.

Few sagas have over 30 years of history and a legion of followers as faithful as The Legend of Zelda. For this reason the excellent Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will cause enough controversy among many fans, because each player has a few very personal reasons why you both like these games, and with this new release Nintendo has pulled down all the conventions and patterns that came with us from A Link to the Past (1991) and Ocarina of Time (1998) , and offer us something completely new, it ironically looks to the past to reinvent itself.

Specifically to 1986, with the first installment of the series, when we let go on a huge stage that we could travel freely, without further explanation, in the purest sense of adventure, the main reason for which Shigeru Miyamoto invented this mythical game. Thirty-one years later Nintendo retrieves this formula and updates the series with an ambitious and fun game of world open, so large that is overwhelming, and that enjoy enormously along its beautiful and varied landscapes, discovering every nook and secret.

But with some ideas that you can point to other exponents of the genre in recent years, Nintendo offers its own vision of the open-world adventure giving the player a huge freedom to make what they want, without take him by the hand, and treating it with much respect. Giving by fact that on the other side of the screen there is a person with a minimum of intelligence and interest in the proposal, without fear of raising all kinds of puzzles and riddles, forcing the player think.

It is possible to stay bewildered when you accept the first secondary missions and discover that you are exactly where you need to go, not you put lots of points and signals on the map, and we’re talking about one of the worlds greatest that’s ever done in a game. You have to read carefully what your partner tells you, interpret tracks, and with them investigate until you find the right place, something which we are not accustomed in a current blockbuster, one of the aspects that have been more surprised.

The Kingdom of Hyrule in Breath of the Wild is a gigantic and fun playground, but also a place hostile and very dangerous, and we are one of the The Legend of Zelda more difficult throughout the saga, in which dying over and over again and learn from your mistakes becomes a constant. It is a game that we loved for many reasons, and one of them is because it is always challenging and stimulating for the player, not afraid at any time that you go to feel frustrated, since failure and learn from your mistakes and occurrences (or gusts) is an essential part of the experience.

You’ll have to hunt and gather abundant resources of the scenarios to heal health or against the cold; You’ll have to learn that the night is more dangerous than the day, that a storm can end your life, and that the minor enemies can give you hair if you lose you. Think before crossing the River, may not have sufficient strength and you sweat in the middle of the journey; well look at that mountain and where encaras it, you may still not be ready to reach the top; and this big sword and so cool that you just get, may not be adequate to face enemies a few quick movements, and it is possible that you break in the middle of combat.

The adventure has a more or less classical home that guide your first steps and tell you what to do, but then you drop to your free will, and you can literally do anything you want. Your goal in history always have it very clear, and without going into details of the account, it will tell which basically consists of making that Link better and enough strong to confront a difficult final challenge.

The way to do it is yours thing, but you will soon learn whereas increase health and resistance, made with good weapons and outfits, and get the help of some allies, who inhabit a practically desolate Hyrule, throbbing sadness, nostalgia and beauty in equal parts. The game world is bursting with all kinds of secrets and treasures, but at the beginning do not have trained eyes to see them, and will have to spend a few hours so that you begin to discover all the possibilities that offer scenarios: what were once four stones in the middle of the field, now possibly what I see as a potential puzzle.

Breath of the Wild is the adventure total, to emulate what he did the first Zelda more than 30 years ago, but with the advantages offered by today’s technology, and all the virtues and surprises that brings this new formula – over dozens of hours, relentless, charged some price, ranging to bother more or less depending on your expectations regarding the game and own saga.

Don’t expect the elaborate and intricate dungeons of previous deliveries, although there is something very similar and quite ingenious, but lacks a bit of ambition to be able to compare. Do not expect the big bosses end of previous games, whose fighting were an artful puzzle, here did not want to repeat that, although there are some very challenging enemies. And although it has never been the strong point of the series, Breath of the Wild does not count with a great story, which is very simple, and is perhaps here where we see one of its greatest weaknesses, in his narrative.

Because everything that is revolution in the playable, a current adventure, modern and full of good and fresh ideas, in the narrative feels somewhat outdated and unambitious, and is a story that could well have belonged for its complexity a Zelda from the 1990s. We feel great that they want to repeat once again the classic story of save the Princess and fight against the evil that always returns, but a big world and with so much space to include interesting stories and characters, it feels a little empty and wasted narratively.

Something similar happens with secondary missions, very much in the line of previous deliveries, although much more numerous and complicated, in proportion to the size of the game. Gets a particular object, see a location, and almost always consistent on solving a puzzle, but without any interest to tell us something interesting or too elaborate, don’t expect surprises in this aspect.

It is the player that builds its own history, exploring and interacting with the world, and the good thing is that each game, each game session, is a unique and unrepeatable adventure with a more organic than ever gameplay. First the puzzles have a unique solution, and a large part of them are based on a complex system of physical, that invites you to experience, which is very fun. If you like puzzles, you’re going to pass pipe with this game, there are hundreds of all tastes and colors.

In general the amount of potential gameplay that offers, at the time of combat, is great to explore, solve puzzles, and can when you take 15 hours discover a new action, that could be executed from the first minute, but that unknown that you could do. Fights against the enemies against the stage, against the elements, against your own limits, and to succeed in all these situations have always multiple possibilities. It is what should almost always be a sandbox, beyond of a big or nice scenery.

You might want to delve into their elaborate system of combat, learning how to Dodge at the right time to make a lethal counterattack, know to stop the blows with the shield to make a parry, or properly use each type of weapon, very distinct in their behavior. But maybe not this fancy, and prefer the camps face enemies with stealth, carrying out lethal blows in the back, or use the environment to your advantage, pushing huge boulders or setting fire to explosive barrels.

All of this does not sound very original, we have seen it in other games, such as having to collect resources and be able to Cook, having to fight temperatures, or that a map is huge. But all those elements combined among themselves and with the particular charm and level of excellence that we have used the Legend of Zelda series, make that we are facing a very special game, getting on the basis of previous ideas, have their own personality.

If you stop to think about some of the best games in history, what makes it notable or of the exceptional is the passion for the small details, and in that Breath of the Wild does not let you wonder, for more hours you have played. In fact, after having passed the 40 hours, yet we continued to surprise with certain details and possibilities that we were unaware, or discovering new areas of the map.

It is difficult to talk about the duration of this game, because we can not imagine a scenario in which someone wants to focus only on the main story, see the final, and Park game on the shelf. Breath of the Wild is not designed for that, and is something that you discover shortly after start, and indeed if you play it that way could reach you seem like a mediocre Zelda.

It is an adventure designed to taste, to play leisurely and slowly discover the hundreds of secrets and curiosities that hides. We decided to face the final boss when we had played 35 hours approximately, having resolved very few secondary, and one time exceeded this procedure we discovered that there were a lot of areas of the map that we had not walked yet, as mysterious forests, shops, temples, small settlements and characters that did not know, who had fun quests and challenges that we provide. It is an endless game, that as we said at the beginning of the text can be overwhelming if you don’t take it calmly.

You have defeated the final boss and have not seen a large majority of the emotional cinematics that tell the story, since you have to work hard to find them, or have not visited whole villages, and that there are not many in the game. It is so great and give us so much freedom, that is a dangerously scattered adventure at times, and we know that it will not appeal to many players, some of them older fans of the saga.

But us like they surprised us, that affects us, we take our “videojueguil” comfort zone, and Breath of the Wild has succeeded more than not we could separate us from the console a single minute in the last week, it is a game that engages in a way beastly if you connect with your proposal, which we insist is not going to be liked by everyone. If you were a little tired lately open world games, here you’ll have twenty cups, with all the vices and virtues of the genre, and the own The Legend of Zelda series.

It is a game that has given us so many hours of enjoyment and fun, we will hardly forget. There are certain details that could have done better, is not perfect, and it can keep improving this formula if they continue to exploit it in future installments, but the capacity that has had to surprise us, to inspire us with each new discovery, for some time that we went not with a game. At times we has returned to our childhood in video games, when we weren’t so cynical, and our ability to surprise was not so limited.

Visually beautiful, but with technical problems

If your proposed playable will generate some controversy, breaking with almost all the conventions of the series in recent years, also its graphics will give to talk, because graphically it has strong contrasts. On the one hand, we have a game that is visually beautiful, sometimes looks like an interactive animated film, and artistic use that makes the lighting is great, creating images of great beauty, which look like a painting or an illustration. Animations of enemies as animals and own link is really good, the physics are very elaborate and have a large impact on the gameplay, and there is very good details, such as the way in which the wind interacts with the environment, something that gives life to everything that surrounds us.

But on the negative side we have, in addition to some very poor textures, quite significant performance problems, which sometimes are specific and unexpected and do not disturb, but other times are noted more than necessary, at the more ornate stage, with many details. We have played on Switch, and we have noticed that the performance is generally better in portable mode (720 p) than on the desktop (900 p). Areas with obvious problems in the rate of frames per second playing with the console inside the dock, pull it out and turn your notebook mode were much better, something that surprised us.

There are areas where the framerate goes perfectly at all times, but in others very ornate, or for example when it rains, it’s hard you maintain the stable 30 fps. They are not a few problems that we have prevented enjoy it or spoiled the gaming experience, but are there and ruin the result of a game that is otherwise very nice. Also be could blamed him that there are areas of the map somewhat empty, result of wanting to make a world so overly large, but we believe that these places will help increase that feeling of large-scale, endless adventure, and they have not bothered us. In fact, are grateful that unlike other sandbox map game is not full of icons and activities, as if they consider that the player has an attention deficit, and that you’re whoever put these indications, and make everything feel a bit more natural and less intrusive than usual.

To round off the experience, we have a magnificent soundtrack, where nature talks to you and becomes one character, and an atypical music to the canons of the saga, that outside of the game does not work too well, but that inside merges perfectly with the sound effects and the proposed playable. Small piano notes that are accompanying the steps of Link, that conform at the time of the day, to the proximity of the enemy, and also musically more traditional times, such as when visits a village. Nor are missing classics reinterpreted, and although we go perhaps to be considered one of the best soundtracks of all series (which has a very high bar), we believe that within the game meets its function excellently.

Dubbing into Spanish, which debuts in the saga, liked, is consistent with that feeling of being in an animated film, although it must be clear that the voices sound very sporadic now, when are cinematic history, and that the vast majority of characters not pronounce a Word, there is only text.

It has rocked the penalty pending, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the most ambitious and surprising of the broad history of Nintendo, which have had no qualms about putting upside down a beloved saga and worshipped, which already by itself is worthy of praise. Challenging, fun, nice, overwhelmingly large, Nintendo has shown us that there may be many ways to interpret the open worlds, and that there is a limitless way ahead in this type of games. If you like great adventures, in the most primitive sense of the word, will be you spend great time with Breath of the Wild, a before and an after in this great saga.

Our take on the new game “Lord of the Fallen”

We have probably share some tricks for other games like sims freeplay on our previous posts, but today, I wanna review another interesting game for the android and iphone. At the beginning of the current generation of consoles, Lords of the Fallen arose as a neat and entertaining video game action, role playing and exploration, the style of Dark Souls and Demon completo Souls, two titles which have influenced a whole generation of games that have come out to slipstream and under the same mould – some more luck and solvency than others. Although the work of Deck13 was not outstanding, if it gelled enough to guarantee a sequel and expanding a universe that told us a world of gods and demons with some Gothic and medieval influence.

Now, several years after and before the sequel that presumably reach sometime consoles and PC, Lords of the Fallen lands on iOS and Android collecting witness of the dark mythology of the original game but adapting it to the touch screens of both ecosystems.

Lords of Infinity Blade?

Lords of the Fallen on their mobile application format is presented as a game of action and role of fighting one against one. Thanks to touch gestures, we will attack and we will defend ourselves, while we are improving our character or pertrechamos with better weapons and objects. Along the way on our journey embodying Harkyn – Yetka, Kalso-will find some of the most emblematic enemies of the first title, and on more than one occasion, we will be tested in terms of difficulty – although with nuances, as I will discuss later.

Basically, and here we will be very clear, speak of an Infinity Blade come less, although with some changes in terms of crafting – because we can customize our team – and with a certain more strategic point to include magic and specific roles in their characters. I.e., in the app us face to a series of successive bouts of one against one, with monsters and creatures each time more strong, forcing us to think us two times the go only attacking without more idea.

In Lords of the Fallen will have at our disposal four basic movements. Dodge – left and right-, shield – blocking – and attack. Obviously, we can combine them to pleasure – taking into account that our amount of blocks with the coat of arms is very limited–, trying to find a role that is balanced between an attitude of offensive and defensive, because at any time we can die being completely empalados by the huge monsters that we’ll have in front.

In this respect, a game seems to us somewhat more strategic and tactical to Infinity Blade for the simple reason that gives us more options in terms of weapons, spells, amulets and even features of crafting. It sounds trivial and even a cliché, grants us some sleeve wide when choosing how to address us Knights and demons to closed us the step, inviting us even through the Armory and to choose a specific role – more focused magic or even more for combat melee.

Obviously, and depending on the role that performance in the video game, will find more or less difficulties – such as a more simple life and a greater weakness-something that can become a real handicap in the most advanced duels. But I do not engañaremos: all matches will have a very similar development, and the entire question of buy potions, best objects or weapons, will be diluted. Lords of the Fallen removes very little exploration of video games from Epic Games ingredient and therefore makes it all a little more repetitive than it should be.

Without finding its own personality

CI Games can’t find a decent balance for the app, and while you repeat the dose of strategy is fine, and that felt us successful, the game is soon reduced to a trial- and -error, or worse, to a constant attack by beating senseless on the touch screen without taking into account that we are doing. What good is having such a variety of weapons, armor or roles to play if there are battles that can be reduced to support the rival attacks and launch a series of strikes and combos without realizing they too? Yes, there are incentives – challenges and requirements before the match we will reward with coins in greater or lesser amounts- but we do not believe that they are sufficient.

Technically it presents as a very lustrous title. For analysis have tested on multiple devices iPad – iPad Mini 4, iPad Air – and on an iPhone 6S, and truth, felt us very spectacular at the technical level. We will find modeling very complex, full of details, very elaborate animations and some truly groundbreaking scenarios, such as temples and large Gothic-inspired churches, but the truth is that doesn’t teach us anything new that we had not seen before in long referred to in this analysis, Infinity Blade. The app is translated into Spanish and has a good sound – I strongly recommend that you play with headphones.

Finally, the game Lords of the Fallen doesn’t get too catch the player beyond the first half hour of the game, something that seems a mistake, to which we must add the aggravation of its price – a little high, €9,99-. Somehow passed as his counterpart on consoles and PC, but led the field of applications and mobile phones. It does not show anything new, and when it gets to explore exciting land, doesn’t quite Jell. If your desktop version was inspired by Dark Souls in many aspects, in its version for iOS and Android is saga Infinity Blade

FIFA 17 The Journey Mode: Our Quick Review

One of the great novelties that we found in FIFA 17 has been the introduction of the story mode, or as they have called it in Electronic Arts, The Way. In it we must guide the career of a young footballer, Alex Hunter, to the stardom of world football. He will start his journey in the Premier League where we will choose a team to start his journey and start from the most basic of the football ladder in order to become the best football player in the world. So we will guide your steps so that this footballer is the next world star that collects balls and boots of gold and other trophies and picks up newspaper covers. And we will do it in the field and out of it.

But do not believe that in El Camino you can win or lose. No, you’ll actually make Alex Hunter a full-fledged footballer whatever you do, so he’s not going to become another broken football toy. What happens is that depending on the decisions you take may be a superclass to either Del Piero, Ibrahimovic or Drogba or be a bottleneck like … I do not know, as the one you can think of. And come out as you leave, you can use later in the online game, to play your games. So, you’re interested in getting a ball wizard like the Champions, right? What better way to get the Best FIFA Player?

Cheats and tips for getting ahead on The Road to FIFA 17

In this game mode you already know that history will depend on the decisions you make … but both on the pitch and outside it. And in this football you already know that there are individual players and team players, so you have to decide what is best for your career: your team or your success? Your time here is going to combine between training, games and conversations with different people. It is a series of guidelines to follow, but remember that the main thing is to play a lot and practice. Let’s go step by step from the beginning.

Selection tests: are you eligible for elite football?

You’re going to have to test yourself with a handful of kids just come out of soccer academies and you’re going to have to stay ahead of the majority. Offering the best of your versions you can choose the equipment to play … but if you fail, they will tell you to go home, finishing the game or returning to it with a saved game.

Our advice is that you choose the level of difficulty well and execute the training exercises perfectly. The position in which you remain in this selection will be decisive for your subsequent football level.

Choose an attractive team, but choose wisely

Manchester United? Manchester City? Chelsea? Yes, everyone is attracted to those media clubs that have performed to an excellent level in recent years. However you should know that a club of these conditions will demand a performance in accordance with the level that has to demonstrate in each game so playing is going to be more complicated. It is better that you choose a pedigree team that lately is not in the lecture.

Rushing on the field

When we control Alex in the field we will see an indicator at the top. This indicates the performance of the player, such as successful passes, shots and so on. So with the rating system in mind we have two ways to control the player in the field:

Team or collective mode

It would be the typical FIFA match in which we control all players. That is, it is as if we played a game in which none of the players will have more prominence than another, unless we look intensely, of course.

Player or individual mode

Here we only control Alex so you will have to worry about positioning him well on the field: desmárcate well, avoid out of play, defend your area and, of course, resolve when you have the ball on your feet. Here, although your attention is focused in part on seeing what the team does, your real interest is in doing your job well. It is the closest thing to football.

Conversations: define your character

Your personality is defined through the conversations you have. Oh by the way, if you are interested in some fifa 17 coins cheat, then just follow that link! In We already know that football has always been full of larcenies and children so you can be one of these houses that so much love the fans of a team kaffe and solivianta the rivals, and that do not like your coach or your managers. Or on the contrary you can be an Iniesta, who does not raise his voice or when the kalises are finished. You have three types of answers to these situations that will eventually define your personality:

Quiet and reflective

It pleases the coaching staff and the managers: they see you as a sensible and little problematic guy, who thinks about the team’s good and his ambition is reserved for intimacy. Fans on the other hand see you as charismatic and cold.

Temperamental and proud

Here is always the most basic amateur who will laugh the thanks and the outings of tone. The coach and the directive is not going to molar so much …


It is a mixture of both attitudes but it makes you not to emphasize in any facet.
Now, these conversations serve nothing more than to give a touch of reality to the game: you get some sponsor, you get better or worse followers … but hey, it will not influence to get better skills as players.
Improve your player

Focus on receiving the skill points with which power attributes that define the physical and technical aspects of the player. These will get you training and playing so worry about doing well and improve dribbling, pass, speed … everything will affect your final assessment.

And that’s it. As you see there are not many transcendental decisions that you are going to have to take and the thing is based more on a matter of perseverance. Focus on improving your player throughout the 15-hour history of the game and you will get your letter for online mode Ultimate Team … which is the motivation that will move you, of course.

Cheapest iPhone in The Market

iphone se

If you are looking for a cheapest iPhone in the market today this is the iPhone SE. This is a great gift that you can give to your kids. It is cheap but its already iPhone and I’m sure they will be super exited to receive this on their special day.

This is perfect for calling or texting you. Even great for selfies and more for kids like their generation. They can do a lot of stuff with it. And of course they will really love you more for sure. I can assure you that.

It maybe a little bit small has a 4 inches retina display, but it also have A9 advance chip the same with the iPhone 6s so this is also a very powerful phone. The camera is already a 12 megapixel and a 4k videos which is up to four times the resolution of 1080p HD video.

The design of the iPhone SE is crafted from bead blasted aluminum for a satin like look. It is like this phone is really design for you young kids because it is light and small just fit for the kids hands.

The iPhone SE is more powerful than the iPhone 5s. It has the same power and speed of an iPhone 6s. It is like a smaller version of the iPhone 6s.

iPhone SE facetime HD camera with retina flash great for selfies.  The retina flash of the iPhone SE is three times brighter than any other mobile phone in the market. So all of your photos will look great and alive. The true colors will come out.

It also comes with a iCloud photo library. Where your photos and videos will automatically store in the iCloud. So you will never have any problem of deleted photos or videos. All your memories are safe in the iCloud.

The iPhone SE has an advance security the Touch ID. The perfect password is your fingerprint. So it is only the owner of the iPhone can open it and no one else.

iPhone SE have a faster GPS detector, LTE and Wi-Fi.  It also support voice over LTE and Wi-Fi calling for high-quality wideband calls. The bluetooth technology can stay connected to your external speakers, apple watch and other devices.

There are a lot of things you or your kids can still explore in this iPhone SE and I’m sure you will have fun discovering it all.

When Technology decides to go Drive a car

So what happens when technology decides to go around town and drive its own car? Tesla model x and Tesla Model S can do just that. Not to mention that it can smoke most supercars to date with its 3.2 sec from 0 to 60. That is just mind blowing.

Lets face it. With todays’ technology, it can’t be avoided in our daily routine that we receive a text message from our iphone and we need to reply to it while we are holding the wheel. Very dangerous, right. So its either you go to prison for violating the law, or you get an accident or, – the smart part – develop technology in your favor and create auto pilot. That is exactly what Tesla technology is about and how it is the worlds most effective autopilot car.  It is probably one of the best luxury that can be bought. Forget about leather sits or suede around you. Being able to go to places on autopilot is probably a way better luxury than that. Although admittedly, the outside styling department of Tesla needs to work better because it still lack errr… you know. But with technology execution, BAAMM! it is simply the best!

Which iPhone Game Do You Play?

CrashLands – Adventure in an RPG style gameplay over an Alien World. Playing this game is just so much fun. The graphics is old school but the game has so much adventure in it. And with all the out of this world adventure makes this game so much more interesting. Just watch the video above and you will understand what I am talking about.

When people started to get bored of Clash of Clans, the developers decided to give everyone a treat. Clash Royale, an evolution from the previous game of COC but this time it is a straight up match against another players specific character rather than the whole castle setup.  I also really find this game fun but it can quickly get boring especially when you have to wait for hours just to open a basic treasure chest unless you spend and purchase more gems to open it.  Still the battle between characters is pretty interesting since each as counter part meaning one can be weak against another yet strong against another. So it really is a matter of balancing which characters to choose from in every specific battle.

Love You To Bits – The very first romantic video game I ever played. I don’t know about you but I just don’t know why I keep smiling every time I start playing this game. Probably it’s the cuteness overload of the gameplay and how the characters fight for their love towards the ends of the universe. Lots of emo stuff here which the developers put together into the game. And that is why many love it because it promotes love unlike other games which all about violence.

This game is just so challenging! Circa Infinity get you eyes twirling around like hell as you try to focus yourself and solve the puzzle. But in the end it’s like you are being hypnotized to ultimately failing and trying again because is despite how simple it looks and easy to do, it actually is very hard to achieve. So try it guys and tell me what you think.

Space Grunt – Another 2D game take-turns type game where you blast your enemies in an alien dungeon. Generally a good game but I just hate the controls because instead of tapping your screen to move, there is a separate virtual controller which is kinda annoying sometimes and makes you made because it just don’t do what you want your character to perform. Still it is fun to play and that is why I recommend it here.

Lastly, the old school Sims Freeplay for the mobile platform.  I purposely included it here because most of the games I recommended are more inclined to “boys” genre. So to balance it out, here is a game that most girls love to play. The old SIMS where played in the PC and required so much machine specs just to get a good feel and graphics output. And that is why with the mobile version, EA certainly has done a great job with it. And did I mention it is a free-to-play game? yeah! Start making those babies! errr… I mean start playing those sims. And if you need any tricks to your money or simoleon generation, just head over to World of Cheats to get started with your Millionaire Sim. Overall, this game is fun, although it is not my type of game, but my gf certainly love it. So, what’s not to love, right? haha.

Till next time! What’s games do you play on you iphone? Let us know here at TheBrandMechanic and we can share it to the world!